Pissouri Village Area

The views from Pissouri village and its surroundings are spectacular!

To the East it is possible to see the countryside and the shore line all the way to Limassol, to the north Troodos mountains, including Mount Olympus (1952 m).

Being situated on a hill means a welcome breeze during the summer months, and beautiful views of sunsets and sunrises.

Pissouri retains its traditional Cypriot character with a beautifully cobbled village square, you really do have a feeling that time has stopped.

Immersed in traditions, this village has preserved its charm. It is entwined with the vineyards and surrounded by mountains…. a great place for a quiet holiday, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

At the heart of the village the Church of Apostle Andrea stands, designed in Gothic architecture it is a remarkable building.  The Stone that the church is built originates from the regions of Anogyra and Prasteio villages and was brought to the village in donkey-pulled carts.

It was the Pissouri community through volunteer work who built the church over 10 years and according to a marble plate embedded in a wall, the master mason ‘Hadji Pavlis’ who was supervising its building, fell off the top of the belfry on 31st September 1877 and was killed. Tradition has it that he is buried where he fell.  Until 1912 the area surrounding the church was used as the local cemetery.

Visitors can find all the handy necessities in Pissouri - there are several grocery stores, banks, internet café, and a petrol station. There are an amazing number of tavernas, restaurants and bars - and they are all good, serving food and drink of exceptional quality.