The church of Apostle Andrea

The Church of Apostle Andrea was built with voluntary work by the good-willing residents of the community in 1883. The work for the construction of the church lasted for about twelve years.

The Stone that the church is built originates from the regions of villages Anogyra and Prasteio villages and was transferred in the village with carts which were dragged by Cypriot donkeys.

The church is built in Gothic style.

The place that it is built was used as the village cemetery up to 1912.

The church is famous for its wooden-carved Icon Stand, which is a real work of art and was manufactured in 1890.The manufacture lasted 10 entire years because of the means of that time.

The first bell of the church, weight of 100 kilos was well-known and when it struck the sound could be heard in distance of 15 kilometres.

The church allocates a very beautiful and ancient picture of Virgin Mary which is 200 years old. All the pictures that adorn its eminent icon stand are over 120 years old.

The church of Ayios Maurikios

On the east of the plain of Linidion and on the foot of Saint Mauritius ground , on the foundations of the old church the current church of Saint Mauritius was built with the expense of family of Mr Pericles Stasi family.

With expenses of the residents of Pissouri the church got bigger , was maintained and fenced in 2001.

Saint Mauritius is known as the doctor of ‘skatharon'(spots). Taking part of the earth from the inside of the church and making it into mud you put it in the form of ointment on the spots . In a few hours the sick person becomes very well and he is cured.

The feast takes place every year on 12 th September. The ancient church of Saint Mauritius was maintained recently and constitutes a pole of attraction for the tourists of the community and for a lot of Christians.

Every Easter Thursday divine the Holy Service and big feast takes place to honor the Saint.

The Chapel of Agios Spiridonas