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We can undertake to list your Pissouri property and then get bookings for it for an agreed rate of commission, percentage-wise (%).

The booking calendar (availability) of your property will be fully managed by us; you can still reserve your own bookings but has to be done through us (passing on the dates). At the same time the property will be considered as being fully available from the listing date onward and any ‘not-available periods’ must be defined by you at the time of listing.

All listing actions will be taken by us.  Listing actions are defined as the actions taken by our team for securing a detailed and successful listing on our website and includes visit to the property, capture of pictures, check list of features and sizes, analysis of rooms, development of description text, management of bookings requests, phone calls, payments from/to guests and owners, notices etc.

A list of the contact details of the Landlord, the key-holder the pool-man, the gardener and other persons entering or being responsible for the listed property are required before we can openly promote your property. 

A booking request becomes a confirmed booking when the Deposit for it is received and confirmed by our team.

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