Advertise & Management of Your Pissouri Property


Advertise your Pissouri holiday home to thousands of potential guests


We can undertake to list your Pissouri property and then get bookings for it for an agreed rate of commission, percentage-wise (%)

Currently approximately 15% (can be negotiable)

This commission is charged on all bookings made via the Pissouri vacations team.


For this commission we would make the listing online with pictures and description and details of what the property offered, including amenities/activities close by and continued promotion of your property and management of the booking calendar.

If we are the only website platform you choose to advertise with we facilitate and allow online bookings, if you choose to advertise on multiple platforms we limit the booking process to a manual process where potential guests contact us first, this is to ensure no double bookings can occur from our platform.


We are a small site, specific to Pissouri, our advantage is the people already here that trust us and come to us first for properties for visiting friends and family, not only for the summer periods but also the winter months giving us the opportunity to rent all year round where many other owners see their properties empty for the winter and limiting their income potential.

Promotion of the site is done in many ways including different social media outlets and building our search and name to appear for all major search engines along with periodic emails for promotion, special offers where owners agree and word of mouth also still works well in Pissouri as it is a small place.

Via Pissouri vacations connection to the real estate company we also gain clients for both properties on the site and guest bookings

We have clients that only come to Pissouri in winter but for longer periods 3-6 months so if you are willing to consider specific rates for those clients it could be advantageous while knowing it will still be available for the summer months where you can earn more money from your property.

As many of our clients are known to us we also know how well they treat and respect the properties giving all of us some piece of mind, even to those we do not know we have never had any issues as Pissouri mostly attracts young families or older couples visiting as tourists so less likely to have problematic guests

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Property management

Management costs vary depending on what you need, all services are split as some owners already have people in place for some or all services so we cater for each individual owner depending on their specific requirements

We offer varies services which you can choose none or some as your needs require, all are priced individually to allow you more choice and easier breakdown of costs, including but not limited to:

  • Key Holding
  • Check out cleans
  • Laundry washing (per item to fir with individual property needs)
  • Check in inspection (if required after longer empty periods)
  • Main outside clean/wash down (monthly during summer period or adhoc as required with your approval or request)
  • Main window/shutter clean (performed monthly during summer period  or adhoc as required with your approval or request)
  • Meet & Greet (Performed between 10:00 to 17:00 only) 
    • Late arrivals meet and check following day
    • Early will be first served in the morning period
  • Emergency call out service
  • Yearly maintenance surveys
  • Pool cleaning
  • Garden Maintenance

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