Security of Website has been developed using security algorithms that cannot be by-passed.  All passwords are stored and encrypted in a way that makes it impossible to guess the original password, even if an attacker has access to the website's main database!

Those acting in a malicious manner will be surprised to find that they cannot extract and access any information that belongs to other users.

All payments are processed through special secured accounts which cannot be spotted or tracked by malicious means; the payment engines we are using for your safety and convenience are highly controlled and inspected by their owners on multi-levels and from people that really pioneer in this sector.

You can further read the 'Privacy Policy' section of the website to check how information is handled by us.

Important: In case you feel threat of attack or have experienced attack by third malicious parties who are trying to gain access to your personal data at, please immediately contact us so we are able to take action against such elements.