Why Advertise With Us?

Have you ever thought of the advantages when choosing us compared to the competitors involved in the same industry? You should prefer us because:   

  • We are an enthusiastic group of people coming from Pissouri, specialised in advertising services related to real properties.
  • We do live in Pissouri; physically, our presence in Pissouri is at all times! We are part of the Pissouri community, we are well known here and we know Pissouri very well!
  • We can meet with anyone and discuss or resolve problems at short notice. We have a proper office for our business activities easily located in the village!
  • We are reliable and transparent with all the processes described in our website. No hidden fees, no 'fishy' methods, no 'fake' email addresses or telephone numbers! All of our contact details can be confirmed at any time!
  • We can act almost anytime and help property quests with whatever they need or any problems they might have.
  • We continuously update our website with up to date material so as it really reflects the reality of Pissouri.
  • We are multi-lingual spoken which makes it easier to communicate.
  • At www.pissourivacations.com we intend to develop a comprehensive 24/7 online listings database and other handy-tools, aiming to offer a deep array of communication for persons looking for holiday accommodation in Pissouri and lots of information on Pissouri and surrounding areas.